Astute marketing and presentation of an artwork has the potential in many cases to significantly impact on the value of an artwork. Dwyer Fine Art has unrivaled and intimate knowledge of the
art auction sector in the marketplace.

Jon and his father, Paul Dwyer alone have amassed over eight decades working with the auction
houses and are privy to the knowledge that is required to ensure their clients are correctly
advised on what is a complex and challenging environment. As auction houses vary in the degree
of expertise and market coverage, with unchallenged expertise in the auction arena, Dwyer Fine
Art advises our clients on the most appropriate auction house that will maximize their clients

There is much to consider for a successful auction result. Such factors include the timing of a
sale, catalogue positioning, pre-sale and advance marketing, site of the auction and other art
works in a specific catalogue that may compete with our clients’ consignments, all impact the
final result.

Dwyer Fine Art secure for our clients the best commission rate available, select the most
appropriate auction house, advise when to offer a painting at auction and assist in securing the
best catalogue position.

At every auction, a sale ebbs and follows, and Dwyer Fine Art ensure our clients are always in
the prime position to maximise market potential.

Dwyer Fine Art puts our clients needs first and will advise on when not to bid and why, a critical decision when building a collection. Too often inexperienced buyers have not sought
independent, experienced advice and guidance, purchased on a whim, or on the advice of the
particular auction house with later regret. Dwyer Fine Art highlights and advise our clients
accordingly on the art works in the auction sector that can be fraught with condition concerns
and other on-going issues. A significant percentage of paintings never find a home and are tired
and unwanted in the marketplace. Dwyer Fine Art protects our clients from poor purchases and
investments such as these.

Just as importantly, Dwyer Fine Art advise our clients when to, and how much to pay for an
artwork in the public arena, regardless of published pre-sale estimate.

Our clients use Dwyer Fine Art Bidding Service for their anonymity. Collectors often like to
keep their purchases or sales out of the public arena. Our Bidding Service, whilst protecting our
client’s interests, maintains absolute discretion at all times.


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