Dwyer Fine Art analyses all sectors of the Art Market offering our clients up to date, honest, accurate and independent advice on the ever changing Art Market.

Although many media outlets are constantly stating the never ending upwardly surging Art
Market and the Auction Houses continually promoting their sales results, market share and
clearance rates, these rosy pictures do not always tell the true state of the markets. Dwyer Fine
Art advise our clients to what is really happening behind the scenes in the Art Market. Dwyer
Fine Art clients are kept up to the minute as to the hot sectors, artists expected to appreciate,
sectors that have peaked, and much more. Through decades of experience and expertise, Dwyer
Fine Art also keep our clients informed as to what Art is on offer, popular trends in buying and
areas best avoided.

Although the world wide Art Market has grown significantly over the last ten years, not all
Artworks have enjoyed this growth. Surprisingly, there are many works that have come down in
value 30% and more, while other sectors have enjoyed significant growth. For astute investment
and for ongoing protection of your Art Portfolio, it is essential to be in the know with today’s Art
Market movements. Know what, and who to buy and sell, at the right time.

Historically, Art has proven to be a real, tangible and portable investment for the well informed

Find out What's Popular and Why - Art is the ultimate fashion investment. Like fashion, artists,
sectors and styles, go in and out of fashion. Dwyer Fine Art forecast upcoming trends and artists
of the future.

Find out What and When to Buy - Smart advice identifies not only just who and what to buy, but
when to buy it. Savvy collecting is about timing and paying the right price. Dwyer Fine Art alerts
our clients to these opportunities.

Find out What Not to Buy - Poor investments are commonplace for the unwary and poorly
advised buyer. Dwyer Fine Art guides our clients away from problematic purchases.

Find out When to Sell and Who to Sell With - Art goes up, and down in value. Dwyer Fine Art
can advise our clients when to sell by auction or private treaty, to get the best possible maximum

Find out What is Really Driving the Value - Understand what is moving the markets, up and
down. Dwyer Fine Art clients receive regular analysis, briefings, advice and recommendations.

Find out Why some Artwork has Gone Down in Value - Art can be a superb investment. Like all
markets there are areas to avoid. Learn why artists, sectors, subjects, genres and more, go in and
out of fashion.

Successful Art Investing, Collecting or even Trading, is all about knowledge, perfect balance and timing. Dwyer Fine Art has the proven knowledge, skills and experience for your enjoyment and success.


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